Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Little Cricket’s Delay: 2 Year Pediatric Appointment

My Little Cricket is healthy active happy little boy. But he is little. I know that. But these percentiles kinda stress me out. Right now my Little Cricket is

33.9 inches - grew 2.5 inches in height in 6 months
23 pounds 1 ounce – gained 1 pound 5 ounces in six months

That puts his height at 50th percentile, up from 25th last time and his weight at 10th percentile, down from 25th last time. So he got a lot longer and a lot thinner. I am trying not to get hung up on the numbers and instead focus on the fact that my son is growing at his own pace. The doctor does want to see him again in three months for a weight growth check just to be sure he is still growing. Sigh.

His checkup went well. All in all my son is healthy. He passed the autism screening questionnaire that the doctor had me take and his reflexes and functions seem normal for his age range.

The major concern today was his speech. Right now my Little Cricket has only 32 words to his vocabulary. He understands so much more but he just doesn’t seem interested in mimicking words. The doctor would like him saying 100 words by now and even stringing two words together which he still hasn’t done. Another concerning thing is that some of the words I have only heard a handful of times and then it’s like he has lost them. Never to be used again. For this reason the doctor is referring us to some specialists.

He only says 32 words – and out of these words he only consistently says the top 18 words often, the others I have only heard a handful of times
- mama
- dada
- uh oh
- bye bye
- ball
- thank you
- no
- shoes
- socks
- up
- down
- more
- nana (banana)
- Rogue
- milk
- cheese
- go
- George

- baby
- hi
- tree
- nose
- toes
- stairs
- cookie
- cracker
- deer
- bad
- owl
- book
- bath
- hat

With speech delays it is best to get early intervention. I am not super worried. I know boys speak later. My mother in law said that all three of her children spoke late. My nephew didn’t really start talking until 3 and my mother said that my brother spoke later as well. However it is better to be safe than sorry and in case there is something else bigger going on I am going to follow through with my pediatricians recommendations. Time to jump down the rabbit hole of specialists.
- hearing doctor
- geneticist
- speech evaluation
- dentist

We will return to the office to discuss the results of these and to double-check his growth. Until then we are going to be busy bees with these appointments.

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