Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mr. Rogue Turns 38

This year for Mr. Rogue’s birthday we kept it pretty low key. He got the day off from work, which in itself is a miracle. Mr. Rogue has been on a tea kick lately so I got him some fancy new teas and he had asked for the entire Led Zepplin cd set. His was stolen several years ago and he never got it replaced. My Little Cricket was so adorable this morning helping daddy open his gifts.


The big fun of the day was the dinner reservations I made at a fancy restaurant Mr. Rogue and I have been wanting to try forever. Nobu only takes reservations a month in advance, and I called a month ago exactly to make our reservations. Apparently this place gets super booked and is almost impossible to get in at a decent time. Even calling in the morning, on the exact month before I only managed to get the last dinner slot at 9PM. We got a babysitter and had a lovely 2 hour dinner. This place didn’t disappoint and in fact Mr. Rogue and I had the best fish we had ever had. A miso glazed cod that just melted in our mouth. A lovely adult night out (sadly sans wine for me).





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