Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mommy Brain… the Struggle is REAL

I am normally on the ball, I have lists and am super organized. I finish my Christmas cards early, I am generally never late and often I am the one offering to organize any event. But having a toddler, and now being pregnant with baby number two has brought my OCD organized soul to a screeching crashing burning halt.

On average I only get 25% of the things I want to get crossed off my list in a day done. I supposed I am just wildly optimistic that everything can and will get done if only I could juggle a little better, skip that nap I find I always take with my son, or simply have ANY energy left over after I put my Little Cricket to bed at night.

Anyways my sons 2nd birthday is in a few days. We aren’t doing a crazy big party this year like we did last year. He is only 2 after all and I have no energy. Without the party you think I would have his gifts purchased by now… no would be the correct answer. I knew I wanted to get a play kitchen, and with Amazon prime 2 day deliver I guess I got spoiled or sucked into a false sence of calm. Today I went online and every single kitchen I liked would take a week or more to deliver. SIGH. I did manage to get the other things I wanted to gift him with online at least but I was going to have to actual go old school, you know to the store to get the kitchen.

So my Little Cricket and I drove to Toys R Us. Where I found a kitchen I love. Sadly they only had pink. I tried to buy the floor model, because it was the right color, and as an added benefit it was already put together. But the store wouldn’t part with it. So customer service called around and found another, at a nearby store I could pick up today.

Customer service sucks.

I have this theory, when you apply to work at a company you take a test. If you pass the test you get put into sales. If you fail the test you get put into customer service. I dragged my tired butt over to the other Toys R Us with a cranky toddler only to find that the play kitchen they have in stock is pink as well. I spoke to the manager who offered to get the kitchen I wanted, at the store today, only problem is that I would have to come back again in a few hours. At least I got a discount and the play kitchen that day.


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