Friday, May 15, 2015

The Week in Moments: 2 Years Old

In two days my Little Cricket you will officially turn 2 and I almost cannot wrap my head around the fact that you are almost 2. I have written a weekly report on you now for 103 weeks. I love that you are my constant companion. We are almost never apart and we do everything together. You have grown so much, into a little awesome super cool dude. You make me laugh and bring so much joy to both your dad and my life. After spending all day with you I often go back and read these weekly reports. It’s silly I know but I miss you and it makes me so happy to see how much you have blossomed.




I managed to gather enough energy to do a photoshoot for you this week. I figured since you were two it was important to get some good photos of you. Most of the ones I take now days are with my phone and they are coming out incredibly blurry. You are constantly in motion and getting you to sit still and attempt to smile was tough work. We managed to get a bunch of cute ones though so it was totally worth the drama.









You still sleep like a rock star clocking in about 11 hours at night and another 2 hours during the day. I am SO THANKFUL that you are an incredible sleeper, I have been so tired and I often nap when you do. It truly saves my sanity.


Green beans and bananas are your all-time favorite foods. I think it’s totally awesome that the first thing you will devour on your plate isn’t the carbs, the cheese or the fruit… nope it’s the vegetables you just adore. You still wont eat any kind of meat, you aren’t a fan of soups (all those vegetables are touching so I totally get it) and weirdly enough you aren’t a fan of noodles and rice. All those kid favorite foods, mac and cheese, pizza and chicken nuggets you mostly will leave untouched. You are chugging down your milk like a champ every day. We still do a combination of cow’s milk and an almond coconut blend that you really like. It’s hard sometimes to make sure you are getting enough calories during the day but we manage.






Although you are still a skinny minnie you are getting so tall. You are in 18-24 month pants for length but they fall off your little skinny butt so we use a toddler belt to keep them up. And your feet, they are off the charts, you wear a 7.5 shoe. You are long and skinny even your feet. Just like daddy.



Your teeth are still coming in slowly. Daddy’s teeth came in slowly too so we aren’t too concerned. You have currently:
- four upper and lower central incisors
- two upper and one lower lateral incisors – not sure why the other one is missing still
- 2 upper canines are coming in but your bottom two remain hidden
- all four of your first molars


All your little friends are having their two year old birthday parties so we have been party hopping like crazy this month. Daddy and I decided to do something a little more low key for your birthday. We are going to take you to Disney and have a great time at the park with just us.




You are constantly in motion, constantly into everything, constantly exploring and getting into some kind of trouble. I really have to watch you, you just have a very inquisitive mind. Puzzles continue to be something that will always keep and grab your attention. We read tons of books, do lots of crafts and are always on the go. It’s a busy life but oh so fun.





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