Monday, May 18, 2015

A Birthday Trip to Disney

Mr. Rogue is super busy at work but he took off the past two days to spend with our little family. Since we didn’t have a big party this year for my Little Crickets birthday we wanted to find something else special to do. Taking him to Disney ended up being the activity we decided on. I was tempted to get the annual pass, but with the new little one coming soon I was worried about the practicality of it. In the end we decided this place is special, and should be used for special occasions.



We headed to Mickey’s Toon Town first because neither of us have ever been to that part of the park. It was basically just a big cartoon town where little ones could crawl all over everything. Three were so many people there though that I was nervous to leave my Little Crickets side. Plus we wanted to ride some rides so we didn’t stay too long.



It’s a small world is always on my must do list at Disney. It’s such an adorable ride and brings back memories visiting when I was a kid. Plus my Little Cricket loves it too. Unfortunately with how busy the park was the line took forever. It’s hard keeping a little one entertained for a half hour but was so much easier with Mr. Rogue helping.






We left the house at 9:30, but by the time we drove to Disney, parked, got into the park through the various lines and walked through Mickey’s toon town it was already 12:30 and time for lunch. Mr. Rogue was super craving a Monte Crisco sandwich at this specific place in the New Orleans section of Disney. Of course it was the furthest point from where we were. The wait was 1.5 hours and as we were debating whether to stay or not and wait tables opened up. Hurrah we were sat within 10 minutes. I love when life works out like that.



After lunch we headed to Fantasyland where all the kids rides are centered. We rode Dumbo which was a huge hit. My Little Cricket loved controlling Dumbo going up and down with the little joystick. We also rode the tea cups, which was officially my Little Crickets favorite ride. He giggled and laughed through it all and wasn’t scared a bit!



And then it was getting late. We decided to jump on the carousal, because the line was short and it’s a fun ride for my Little Cricket, and then we got the baby in the stroller to head out. We were there for 6 hours and my Little Cricket was just done. The minute he was strapped in his car seat he was passed out cold. We had a lovely quiet ride home. What a perfect little day.



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