Thursday, April 23, 2015

We Joined Kidville

The moms in my groups have been raving about Kidville, a little play place near our house that offers gym, art and music classes to toddlers. We went today to check it out. We tried the gym first. My Little Cricket almost died and went to heaven. A fully padded room where he can climb, jump and terrorize anything and everything. With circle time to start and stop the class as well as some tumbling exercises with the teacher he had loads to do and was super happy romping around. The only drawback, for me, was that the lighting was this horrible florescent yellow color. My little artistic soul shriveled and kept cringing the longer we were there. Other than that gym class was a total hit.





The second class was a music class that didn’t go over as well. When we walked in we were all milling around watching the kids play. But when the class started they wanted the kids to sit quietly in a circle. Although they had some songs, a book reading and then the kids got to play with instruments my kid likes to RUN. And well sitting in a circle for 45 minutes just totally isnt his thing. Plus they had a stage with a band and they didn’t want the kids anywhere near the real instruments. I totally get it, makes sense to me, but as a parent of an active little boy it was just too hard to keep him away. The only positive was that the lighting in the music room was SO MUCH BETTER.


We decided to sign up anyways for the 3 month membership. I decided since I was getting bigger with this pregnancy, and since I wasn’t going to be able to do as much with My Little Cricket, the gym class at least would be a perfect way for him to run off some energy in a contained space… where he can’t play in traffic. Plus I can have the membership for the month after I give birth so my parents and Mr. Rogue’s mom have somewhere fun to take my son.

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