Friday, April 10, 2015

The Week in Moments: 98 Weeks Old

LALA land has typically perfect uninterrupted sunshine. So when we do get any kind of weather people tend to freak out a bit. Coming from Michigan, where you blink and the weather changes, and then from Pittsburgh where the weather is violent and amazingly crazy, I find the freakout funny. This week the weather has been weird here, it was pouring rain, something we don’t get very often at all. It was really your first rainstorm, so when you wanted to go out I thought why not. We played in the rain for a good 20 minutes until the chill started creeping in. And you had an absolute blast. All things must end and I didn’t want you to get a cold so we changed, bundled up in blankets and watched a show until we were both toasty warm again.




The rest of the week was just cold with pretty strong winds bringing our normal perfect 75 degree winter weather to a cool 65. My Little Cricket and I loved the cooler weather and the fact that most of the parks were practically empty. Californians are weather sissys.




We are around a ton of moms and kids and I have to say I am so thankful with how good of a kid you are. Sure you climb on everything (you are getting quite good at it at the park) and have a hard time listening when you run away from me but simple things like naps and diaper changes tend to be so easy. I keep waiting for the temper tantrums and the fits but in general you are just one awesome little kid. Even with your love of climbing you haven’t ‘knock on wood’ tried to climb out of your crib again. Although this week you did take all your clothes off again, and succeeded in mostly removing your diaper before I got to you. Thank goodness there was no mess but really KID!!!!!





I love that you are my little shadow and you just adore following me anywhere. Normally if I leave the family room and tell you I will be right back you are cool with waiting at least a few minutes before you come looking for me. This week however the second I step out of the room you want to follow. I keep repeating to myself, when I don’t even have a moment to go to the bathroom alone, that you are only going to be this young and need me this much for a short while. So I try to embrace the fact that you love me so much you can’t stand me to be out of your sight.





You are so curious about everything and I just adore that about you. In class you are the one that is constantly getting into everything and trying to figure out how things work. It reminds me of your dad, and my dad. Nothing is quite safe from your exploration, even a glass cupcake. No buddy that doesn’t taste so good huh.





I still lay down the bar stool and the high chair. It’s easier than to constantly keep telling you not to climb. But then sometimes when you are hungry you kind of lay down in the high chair like hey, I want to sit in here so you can feed me. I keep a pretty strict rule for you to only eat in the highchair. It keeps you from feeding rogue half your meals and it keeps the house cleaner.


You learned how to get out of your high chair belt a few weeks ago and this week you learned how to open the buckle on your stroller belt. SIGH; my days of restraining you are slowly coming to a sad end. I did run into another mom with our same stroller and she had a tray. They don’t make a snack tray for this stroller brand so I was excited. Apparently the Uppa Baby tray fits our stroller, so now you have a tray and it is acting as a sort of obstruction preventing you from getting out. Or at least making it harder. I just thank god you can’t unbuckle your car seat yet.




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