Friday, April 3, 2015

The Week in Moments: 97 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

I have been totally slacking on taking photos. I have just been so exhausted with this pregnancy and taking care of you that digging out the nice camera and trying to get that awesome shot of you has fallen down on my list of things to get done. This week however I did force myself to get out the nice camera, because I realized it has been 14 friggin weeks since I got a great photo of you. Plus it was Easter week and well it seemed a good enough reason to force myself to do what I was too lazy to do. I always love the photos afterwards so I am glad I did it. And you just loved Easter. Once you figured out that all those little plastic eggs held lots of goodies you were totally into it.





You are getting so fast, and although you are listening better you are still just dangerous enough to get into real danger. This week I almost lost my mind. I turned to answer a question from a neighbor when we were on our walk. My head was turned for a second and you were running for the street. We live in LALA land and there are fast cars driving through our neighborhood all the time. Thank goodness when I screamed stop you listened but seriously you gave mommy a heart attack. Of course you just giggled in glee.


You are completely fearless and it scares me. The really high slide at the park… no problem. The chain link ladder that you have never tried… watch this mom it’s a piece of cake. You run in front of swings and try to dart into the street. And here I am pregnant running after you. I hope to god that this phase ends soon. Mama is super tired.




You keep changing your food preferences and rejecting favorite foods. I am never sure what you are going to eat on your tray. We are trying to follow Ellyn Satter rules of feeding a toddler. I decide the food to give and when to give it but you get to decide what you eat if anything. Sometimes when you only want to eat pickles for dinner that is hard to follow. Especially since you are on the skinny side. But I am hoping if we stick to this plan I wont be raising a picky eater. This week you wouldn’t eat raspberries, and then I showed you how to put them on your fingers, now you gobble them up again. SIGH. At least I won that battle.




After weeks of trying I finally got a quazi good video of you dancing. Your form of dancing falls into two categories; one is the spin and clap (which I was able to capture this week) and the other not so often used dance is the stick your elbows out like a chicken and shake your butt. There is this particular song in a Curious George movie that you love, that you dance to often. Makes me smile… every… single… time.


You are getting so smart. We have lots of puzzle toys and things that you are really figuring out all on your own. You love to hang outside and draw or play with the water. But you are still using random toys to do things you shouldn’t be doing like getting into the dirty dishes. You are getting better. Progress is just super slow.





Daddy isn’t home much but you do get to see him most days of the week at least for a little while. Usually we are hanging out for a half hour in the mornings either chilling in bed in a big sleepy pile or downstairs playing with your toys. Most often you are snuggled in daddy’s arms when he is home. Once a week or so daddy is even home early enough to do your bedtime routine. His version of the routine is slightly different than mine (see daddy in crib with you) but I love that you are easy going and don’t really mind who puts you to bed.




This week we all went out front and washed daddy’s car. Well I sat on the grass making sure you didn’t dart off in the street while you attempted to help daddy wash his car. I remember growing up and watching my brothers do this with my dad. And you just loved it. You, my Little Cricket, always make me smile.







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