Friday, March 27, 2015

The Week in Moments: 96 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

I continue to be OH SO THANKFUL that you are the best sleeping toddler ever. We of course have a routine; bath, teeth brush, books, singing and then bed. And we stick to that routine often. But sometimes by the end of the day I am so exhausted I just want you in bed. Those nights we just brush your teeth, get you in jammies, I sing you twinkle twinkle and you go to bed. I love that we aren’t tied to exact steps yet, that you are flexible and that you don’t require to be rocked to sleep. You have your giraffe, that fell off your binkie, but that is now your comfort animal. And I give you two binkies, one in your mouth and the other you like to hold. You also like to be covered by your blanket which used to freak me out but I keep taking it off and you keep putting it back on.



With your mattress on the floor now it’s getting harder and harder to pick you up and put you into your crib if you are laying down. In the morning is it always the same. You stand at your crib rail and beg to be picked up. You are so excited to see me and you want to show me the things that you love to look at when you wake up, the camera, your mobile and the air purifier. But the minute I step over some imaginary invisible line and get too close you collapse onto the mattress and curl up to hide from me.

You are a typical toddler, your attention span is short and you play with so many toys every single day. You leave destruction in your wake wherever you go and I haven’t had the energy for much cleanup by the end of the day. I keep singing the cleanup song with you, and attempt to have you help me clean at the end of the day before bed, but instead of helping you like taking things out that I am trying to put away. I should just give up and accept the mess.


I have to laugh at you sometimes. For instance you have the most awkward sitting positions. I look over at you and think to myself HOW IN THE WORLD can that be comfortable.


I have been trying to get you to stop climbing in the corner cabinet now for two weeks. This week you finally did what I have been dreading, you hurt your finger in the cabinet. The door is a hinge door and you got your finger stuck in the hinge. I cannot tell you how many times I told you not to climb in the cabinet. Poor little baby; so daddy and I rigged something with some baby ties and closed it until we can get the child safety lock fixed. At least now you cannot get in anymore. I am worried about your fingernail though. This is the first real injury you have had. I hope it heals quickly.


Lately you have been reaching to grab my hand when walking and you are getting so affectionate. I am always picking you up for hugs and kisses which you love but now you are constantly grabbing my face and pulling me down initiating the kisses and hugs you want. Even when your hands are sticky with peach juice I cannot resist. It leaves me so full of love.





You are growing so fast, particularly your feet. They are so LONG for your age. I went out again this week looking for new shoes for you. Don’t worry I don’t mind, shoe shopping is one of my favorite things to do. You are content to go with me, as long as I bring snacks.


You are the little light of my life. I may be so tired I cannot see. I might still be sick and needing more time to relax. I may be maxed out to my limit of patience. But you still are such a joy. Mama loves you baby!



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