Friday, April 17, 2015

The Week in Moments: 23 Months Old (99 Weeks)

Ahhh my Little Cricket, you sure are a joy to be around. You are curious and wonderfully loveable and creative and fun. One of the things that we love to do every week is go to your art class. This week you painted a bird, you just LOVE to paint, but this one was just so super adorable. You also love the circle singing at the end. You almost always want to sit in Mrs. Paula’s lap and she lifts you up high for the monkeys jumping on the bed song. It makes you squeal with glee.





We are both loving your new alphabet letters for the bath that you got in your Easter basket two weeks ago. Every other night we have bathtime and you go through the entire alphabet lining up the letters on the side of the tub. You love that they stick and smile with glee. Ahhh the simple things in life.


Sadly you broke one of your favorite toys this week. I am sad that I cannot replace it but it was one of those random things I picked up somewhere. You were sucking on the eyeball and it just popped right off. Thank goodness you didn’t swallow it. I tried fixing it but there is no way that it would stay in a way that I thought would be safe. Officially a choking hazard little turtle had to go away.




Daddy was home all this weekend so we were overjoyed to be all together. Sunday we had plans to go out but he was just too tired from working so much overtime. Instead we decided to have a simple fun day at home. I went out and got stuff for a bbq and we all just played on the floor with all your toys… which are slowly taking over the house. We ate out back al fresco style and you had your first corn on the cob which you gobbled right up.










You are still climbing everything, and it is still driving me crazy. I SO CANNOT WAIT until this climbing phase passes.


A few weeks ago I got a little plastic pool. Mostly I planned on using it for the summer when it gets warm out and the new baby is here forcing us to stay home more often. But when I got it home I realized it would be the perfect ball pit. Every few days I drag it out and you get to roll around and play. Eventually you end up tossing all the balls out all over the place.


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