Friday, May 1, 2015

The Week in Moments: 101 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

This week I completely lost my mind and your daddy had to swoop in to save the day. You are a climber. I accept that, or I try too, however when you climb certain things at home that I consider dangerous I cannot get you to stop. Case in point there are drawers on either side of our kitchen stove. Those drawers have flat bar handles that look like a ladder to you. I can understand the confusion, what I cannot come to terms with is that you want to climb those handles like the ladder you think it is and then TOUCH the sometimes hot stove. You almost turned over a huge pot of boiling water before I could rush up to grab you. And so the very next morning I told Mr. Rogue that before he went to work those handles had to be gone.

You were trying to help daddy so much that we set you in the high chair with your breakfast to watch daddy finish. It took daddy a half hour and for the rest of the week mommy regained her sanity. You were no longer playing with fire and all was right in the world again. I will get my handles back when you learn a little bit more control.



Our first full week of Kidville and I have to say that we still love it. Three times a week we headed to class and on some days we did back to back classes. We always start with the gym class and then either choose the music or an art class after. I was hoping with time the music class would get better for you but you just cannot sit for that long. The art class however has been fun and we made a few cute little projects. You particularly liked when we you got to paint on large paper tapped to the wall.







For some reason you have been waking up an extra hour to an hour and a half early this week and you have been cutting back your nap to only an hour or an hour and a half. I really don’t understand because last week you were doing so great. Nothing has changed, the only thing I can think of is that you are either teething or that the growth spurt you were in, giving us all extra sleep, is now over and you just don’t need that extra sleep. Unfortunately 6AM is too early for daddy or me to get up so we have been pulling you into bed with us and letting you play with our phones snuggled in bed with us for another half hour or so.


I am slowly backing further and further from you at the park letting you be more adventurous. Although I still hover close I am no longer right on top of you. You are a risk taker and although it scares me I need to give you space to explore in a safe environment for yourself. You are more active at the park running, climbing and jumping all over the place. This of course has resulted in more bruises and scraped knees. Always you run to me for hugs and kisses, and then you go right back to being the adorable active little boy you are.




One of your favorite things to do on a walk is to help me push the stroller. I keep the stroller with us at all times. Mostly because I don’t want to carry all of our stuff but also because I use it as a tool to keep you close and safe. Since I am so pregnant now it is too hard for me to carry you long distances. By having the stroller with me at all times if you toddle off too far or don’t listen I can always use it as a backup to contain you.


After our art class on Tuesdays we will often go to the bathroom to wash your hands. You could honestly stay there for an hour. The sink, the stool, the running water, the soap, it all fascinates you. We have a stool now that we are using at home to wash your hands and brush your teeth and although it takes twice as long to do things I love how independent you are getting.




Feeding you is getting more difficult. You are really paring down what you consider good to eat and you are limiting trying new things. We are sticking to the philosophy that I get to choose what I put on your tray and when I put it there, and you get to choose what you want to eat if any. I try not to add things once we sit down but sometimes you will only eat a pickle for dinner. SERIOULSY only a friggin pickle. So then I feel like I have to offer you other choices. You are a skinny Minnie and I don’t want you to lose weight. The struggle to get you to eat what I want to and keep your weight up is so hard.



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