Friday, April 24, 2015

The Week in Moments: 100 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

When we are upstairs I generally keep both the spare bedroom and the computer room door shut. Mostly because then I only need to monitor you in your room and our room. It’s a way to contain the chaos. But also because you are obsessed with technology. You love nothing more than for me to open the computer room door, you climb into mamas chair and attempt to use the computer. I don’t blame you buddy, computers are awesome, but I would like to get a few more years of non-computer use in your little life so we still keep the technology super restricted.


I still have the little pool I bought you filled with balls out. It has become your new favorite place to hang out. You like to relax in there, take your cars in there, even read in your ball pit. I cant imagine that it is super comfy but I guess little kids don’t really think about that.


In art class it was the twins birthday. Their daddy brought mini little cupcakes sans frosting. You simply stuck the whole cupcake in your mouth, and then you started eyeing the little girls next to you. I could totally tell what you were thinking from across the room, I darted over but I wasn’t fast enough. You grabbed her cupcake right off her plate. I helped you give it back and then we all had a laugh, well all of us except the little girl who didn’t think it was funny at all.




The twins dad also handed out little party favors at the end of class. You picked the party horn. It took you most of the car ride for you to figure out how to get it to work, and then you wouldn’t put it down all day long. You were so proud of yourself and its officially your new favorite thing.


You have had a runny nose and a slight fever on and off all week. I haven’t been feeling that fantastic either so we have spent a few days just chilling at home. I think you are teething again, and I think I may be battling some kind of early stages of a cold. Either way we are both on the same page, just in chill mode. Even when we are down we have fun though. There is nothing I love more than your laughter.



Later in the week we were feeling better so we made it out to the park a few times. You are a champ at the playground. You can and will climb anything, and I love that this is a yes space. At home I feel back forcing you to not climb. You obviously love it, I just don’t love the fact that my shelves, the bar stool, your high chair, the couch, pretty much everything is a challenge you simply cannot leave alone. At the park I simply am there right behind you if you need me but you are getting so good.




Aside from climbing we will often just check things out. This week you saw some other kids swinging on their bellies. And you decided to give it a go. You were so happy now to be able to swing yourself. Too cute.




You are still trying to take off your clothes. This week you started lifting your shirt and then getting it stuck behind your head. Your arms however you cannot not get out when your shirt is like this. I think its hilarious. SERIOUSLY so friggin funny. It looks like some horrible 80s muscle man fashion you are rocking. In all seriousness I am hoping that this phase passes soon. Dressing you over and over again is getting a little old.



We take walks in our neighborhood often and it being LALA land we have tons of wonderful flowers. I love to stop and smell them, and I have been trying to get you to smell them as well. Finally this week you got it, you started smelling the flowers, and now you have to sniff every single flower we pass. Jasmine is one of your favorites, and its daddies too. I almost have to drag you away.


Daddy is still working a ton of hours and taking care of you alone is difficult. You are so adorable, the best thing I have ever done with my life is be your mama. When I put you to bed I often miss you so much I am flipping through photos. We don’t co-sleep and never have, but daddy and I have to resist the temptation to bring you into bed with us. You are so loved my Little Cricket. The most loved little boy in the whole wide world.






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