Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Lies we Tell Ourselves Before Kids

Before I had a kid I decided I wanted to try and homeschool. I am smart, I am crafty, and even after I had my baby I couldn’t imagine send him off somewhere. Kids belong with their parents. And I was going to take over the world.

And then reality set in. In fact I was pretty determined to homeschool until I got pregnant with our second child. I have been so tired, so wiped out and uninspired that I cannot imagine trying to homeschool a toddler AND give the best I have to the new baby. With that, and conversations with Ms. Ivey (who is a rock star teacher and the smartest person I know who has been gently nudging that school is a good thing), I have decided to find a preschool for my Little Cricket. So I did the research, I talked to several experts in the area, and I selected three schools to tour from the top list of preschools in our area. The first, Branches, is a Reggio Emilia philosophy school.
The second, First Presbyterian Preschool, is a church related non-denominational loosely based Reggio Emelia philosophy school.
And the third, Culver Montessori, is a Montessori philosophy school.

Lala land is completely crazy when it comes to private schools. Like New York there is intense competition for very few spots and the wait lists are ridiculously long. And sadly I am now behind the rest of the moms researching schools. So I made my appointments to tour the three schools a month ago and today had my first tour at Branches.

I loved the school, I loved the director, I loved the ambiance and the teachers and I was ready to sign up. In fact I loved everything about it so much that I am not touring the other two schools. And as an added bonus they were able to fit my Little Cricket into the toddler program, a once a week, 2 hour a day, I get to come with him practice program to get kids used to the school and the teachers for a year. The benefit of this is that we can try the school out and that the toddler program feeds into the preschool before other applicants. My Little Cricket will hopefully be starting school September 2016… YEAH its ridiculous that it is May 2015 and we are already signed up for over a year and a half away but it is what it is.

Looking forward to starting toddler school this September, this place is like a little wonderland of awesomeness, I will keep you posted.




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