Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Coolest Eggs in the World

It started with Ms. Sweetie posting a link about silk dyed Easter eggs on her page, with me liking it, with us starting a dialogue about trying it and VIOULA. She got together all the supplies, I provided the eggs and dinner and we were off to start out attempt at super cool Easter eggs.


We used a seam ripper to remove the silk from several ties that Ms. Sweetie picked up from the thrift store. We cut the pieces of silk into squares and then oh so carefully wrapped our raw eggs with the silk. You want to wrap the egg tight so you get as much of the cloth touching the surface of the egg, but then you also need to be careful these are raw eggs after all (thankfully we only broke one). After they are wrapped in silk you then wrap them in cotton and tie them off. The cotton prevents the dyes from bleeding into other eggs when they cook.




While we ate dinner the eggs boiled on the stove. Once the timer went off and the eggs cooled sufficiently to handle we unwrapped them. Most of our eggs came out awesome. Not too bad for a first attempt. Love my crafty cousin and in prompt to craft nights.




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