Monday, April 20, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Took My Glucose Test

I finally bit the bullet and hired some help. Once a week for 4 hours my housekeeper comes to watch My Little Cricket. She has been with us for a litte under two years, she is in her mid-forties and super reliable. I just simply couldn’t handle bringing him to all my dr appointments anymore. He is almost two, rambunctious and with the hour drive to my drs, the hour at least for the appointment and the hour home he was losing his mind and so was I. So today I got to go to my glucose screening test by myself.


Of course I totally wasn’t looking forward to taking this test again. I almost yacked the last time I had to drink this drink and I almost did again this time. Thankfully this time the nurse offered me the quiet room with a wonderfully comfortable recliner. I got to read my book with my feet elevated and I even fell asleep for a little cat nap. I finally made it the hour and got my blood drawn.



I haven’t gained much weight this pregnancy and feel pretty good with how I have been eating. Now I just need to wait for my results. Cross your fingers for me that I passed again.

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