Monday, April 27, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: OBGYN Appointment – 26 Weeks Pregnant

Today I had another appointment for this sweet little girl. 26 weeks and I am still over the moon with joy about this pregnancy. Sadly though this pregnancy is much harder than my Little Cricket. I am convinced there is something wrong so last appointment I asked for my Dr. to include an iron test to my regular bloodwork. I know you aren’t supposed to hope that something is wrong with you but I knew if I ended up anemic that a simple pill would fix it. And I kinda wanted an easy quick fix for the bone wrenching exhaustion I have been feeling. My iron levels came back normal. I guess just being pregnant with a toddler and the fact that each pregnancy is different I am just experiencing a different type of pregnant.

We talked quite extensively about my failed one hour test, about the three hour test I am taking on Monday and about the ramifications if I don’t pass the three hour test. She however, like the nurse, isnt too worried about me not passing. Of course they aren’t worried. SIGH.

Over the past week I have spoken openly to other moms in my mom groups and toddler classes and many had gestational diabetes. It was encouraging to know I would have people who have been through it to get advice from. I know if I fail the test than this too I will get through. I just keep praying that I will pass.

My doctor and I also talked about my c section and how she is actually going to cut my scar out when performing the procedure. I thought it was so cool that I will only have the single scar. I healed fantastic with just a thin line last time and I am hoping for the same result this time.

And then we went to listen for the babies heartbeat… and she couldn’t find it.

Of course I started freaking out. This is about the same time I went in with my first pregnancy for a routine ultrasound only to find out that the my sweet little baby didn’t have a heartbeat and had passed away. As the minutes ticked by I got more and more upset, the doctor kept telling me not to worry, that she would find it… and then she did. I cried, actually sobbed in relief.

A failed glucose test I can deal with. Losing this baby would have destroyed me. So today I got a little lesson in perspective.

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