Monday, April 6, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: OBGYN Appointment – 23 Weeks Pregnant

I am so tired. Tired like mono, anemic, something is wrong with me tired. This is the second trimester, this is the time I am supposed to have more pep in my step, I am supposed to be feeling better, but I feel even worse than I did the first trimester. I know I am pregnant, I know I am running after a two year old but no matter how many times I nap, no matter how early I go to bed I am always exhausted. I didn’t feel like this my last pregnancy. Sure I was tired then but this level of exhaustion feels excessive, more than normal, wrong.

So today at my dr appointment I brought up my concerns to my doctor. She said the same thing I keep telling myself. That I am pregnant with a toddler. That I am an advanced maternal age (ouch) and that I just need to suck it up. But that she would, because I have had anemia before, add an iron test to my glucose screening that I have to do next week. I almost hope that I test positive for anemia, at least then I know I just need to pop a pill to feel better.

On a positive note I have only gained 7 pounds this entire pregnancy. Apparently the exhaustion, all the extra sleep, and chasing after my crazy toddler is at least giving me some benefits.

Baby girls heartbeat was good and normal which is always a relief. I am measuring a little larger, two weeks larger to be exact, but with my low weight gain the doctor wasn’t worried. So now I can just look forward to my glucose test next week. Crossing my fingers I pass with flying colors like last time.

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