Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Failed my Glucose Test

I was making breakfast this morning, a yummy batch of apple pancakes when my phone rang. The caller ID said it was my OBGYN office and I knew what that meant. No news with my blood and glucose test is good news. I answered the phone and it was as I feared, I failed my one hour glucose test.

Of course as soon as I got off the phone I freaked out. Which is exactly what the nurse told me not to do. Apparently many women don’t pass the one hour test and go on to pass the more in depth three hour test with flying colors. I wasn’t in an ethnic group that had high chances of getting gestational diabetes and I hadn’t gained much weight so she said that I should be just fine. Of course I was hoping that I had passed the one hour test like I did when I was pregnant with my Little Cricket. SIGH.

So I immediately called to take the three hour test next week. I set up the babysitter and then I gave my Little Cricket a pancake and froze the rest. I ate oatmeal and did way too much digging online. Google is evil sometimes. I just hope I pass the three hour test next week.

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