Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: 27 Weeks Pregnant

With the fear of having gestational diabetes I have changed my diet slightly over the past week. I know it is too late to impact the test, if I have gestational diabetes I already have it, however it is never to early to begin to change. So I am eating less sugar (bye bye ho-ho’s and cake and cookies and ice cream). I am substituting my regular lunch of a sandwich, chips and a sweet with a salad. And I am not eating after 7. Those are the only changes I have made and I am terrified. I have been feeling crappy for months, I thought it was maybe low iron, but my iron levels checked out normal. Anyways in the past week, with these slight diet tweeks I am feeling so much better. Which makes me almost convinced I probably have gestational diabetes. WAAAAAA. Sadly I take the test tomorrow and wont know the results for probably another week.

On a positive note since I have been feeling so much better I have more energy. And with more energy I have been able to dive into my to do list for the babies arrival more often. I am not sure how long this ‘feeling good’ period is going to last so I am going to use it to the best advantage and get as much done as possible. So over the past few days I have purchased more storage bins, I have cleaned out the garage of all the holiday stuff. I have organized that holiday stuff in the new larger bins headed for the attic, and I have completely gutted out the exercise room ‘catch all junk’ closet.

Operation get these rooms organized for baby is in FULL SWING.



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