Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: 24 Weeks Pregnant

I keep waiting for the second trimester pep to get into my step and it just so isn’t happening yet. I am now well over halfway through my pregnancy and I haven’t done much to get ready for the new little arrival. So this week I started to force myself to spend an hour, just one hour a day, on the long to do list I have to get done before the baby arrives. Many things are being shifted all over the house. We have plenty of space, thank goodness, it just needs to be all rearranged so a whole other person can move in.

The only reason why I am forcing myself to work now is because I am terrified of waiting for that pep, and then never getting it. Plus the bigger I get the harder it will be to do all the physical stuff I need to do.

Aside from the organizing and moving of four rooms I am also starting on the curtains, or at least I am ready to start on the curtains. The material has been bought, the kitchen table is now strewn with material, thread, sewing machine, iron and all the odds and ends I need to actually start the curtains. Step one of 100 steps. Sigh.

On top of all this stuff I just don’t want to do but have to do I got acid reflux a few days ago. I had it the last week of my pregnancy with my Little Cricket and it was actually shocking. I didn’t know what was causing me to feel so yucky until my husband pointed out to me what it was. Anyways I just thought that one day was a fluke… but then I have had acid reflux every single day since then. If I have to go through 15 weeks of this I am going to cry.

In good news baby girl is doing awesome.

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