Saturday, April 4, 2015

Palisades Easter Egg Hunt Kids Festival

I love making plans, staying busy and hanging out with friends. We go out all the time, because it isnt as much fun to just hang at home all the time. However sometimes I make too many plans, I get burned out, and then I don’t want to go. Today was one of those days. Its been Easter fun and festivities all week. I woke up feeling less than awesome, it was hot out and my Little Cricket was a crabby hot mess. However I had made plans to meet a friend at an Easter Egg Festival and I felt bad for canceling last minute. Its really a pet peeve of mine. So since we weren’t dying I decided to suck it up and go. We were going to go and have fun damnit!

I found parking relatively easily and the festival was adorable. Once you paid the admission fee which was only $5 for the child everything was free which I loved. We swung by the cookie decorating station first and my Little Cricket had fun playing with the frosting and toppings, eating as much as he decorated with.




There were a ton of people at the festival, little kids darting here and there with very little shade. We stood in line for 20 minutes in the sun to see the Easter bunny and get a photo but my Little Cricket freaked out and wouldn’t go near that creepy gigantic bunny. He was so adorable that I had to laugh rather than cry for waiting that long for nothing.



Next we headed over to the little petting farm, which thankfully for us and the animals WAS in the shade of some giant trees. Normally my Little Cricket loves the animals, but today because he was a hot mess most of the animals just made him upset. I took him out for a while and held my son hoping that he would chillax and enjoy some of the animals. Finally he got into petting a cute little Guinea pig, I turned my head for a second to talk to a friend and BAM my Little Cricket lost his cool and had a complete meltdown. AHHHHH my poor cranky little boy.





Thank goodness it was time for the Easter egg hunt, also in the blaring hot sun. We waited in line to enter the cage where all the kiddos were collecting their eggs. I loved how this festival broke up the age groups so small. This particular area was for 1-3 year olds only. The parents weren’t allowed in but since my Little Cricket was a hot mess the guy took pity on me and let me in with him. I managed to force myself to get some cute photos, and my Little Cricket even perked up a little to participate. After all he totally digs the goodies in the eggs now. This hunt left the eggs empty, and after you were done you could trade the eggs you collected for a goody bag. I thought it was a clever way to save man hours; the volunteer’s for the event didn’t have to stuff a million eggs with candy. And that also allowed everyone to get an equal amount of yummy stuff.









We got back to the air conditioned car. I pulled cold water from the cooler for both my Little Cricket and I and we went home and had an epic nap. We did have fun, but it was a forced round peg through a square hole kind of fun.

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