Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nerdy Birdy: Gentle Little Reminders of my Previous Life

There are stages in life, highschool, college, big girl job, married… all those events created change but nothing has created more change in my life than having a child. One of the things I used to adore to do is go birding. With a almost 2 year old and being 6 months pregnant I am pretty much NOT going birding any time soon.

I miss birding. The quiet, the solitude, the hunt and capturing that perfect photo. I know I will have plenty of time in the future, when my kids are older to indulge in my hobby but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss it now.

Anyways today I got an email from one of my birding friends, they are going owling. They are making owl boxes, going out and tagging baby owls and they want a photographer to document everything for the local Audubon paper. SIGH. It is something that I would have JUMPED to do pre kids, but something that there is no way I could do now. Even if I could find a sitter for my Little Cricket for the weekend (husband is out because he is working crazy hours) I still couldn’t physically hike and carry all my equipment with how pregnant I am.

I do get to indulge in the occasional birding. There are birds at the park, flitting around the zoos and at the beach. I may not always have my camera but I can indulge a little in the pleasure of correctly identifying and watching the birds.

In fact this month while at the zoo I managed to find a new bird, something I haven’t found in years. A Swainson's Thrush was hanging out in a monkey cage and I managed to get quite a good photo of it. So see, I get to cross off a new bird from my nerdy birdy list… my hobby it is just on a slight hold, definitely not dead.







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