Thursday, May 7, 2015

I FRIGGIN PASSED - Yes Shouty Capital Letters are Needed

Holla, I do not have gestational diabetes. Not thinking I would get an answer I called the office this morning just to see if maybe, potentially, they had my results back from my three hour gestational diabetes test. It had only been four days so I wasn’t super hopeful, however sitting at home biting my finger nails down to bloody stumps wasn’t appealing either. The nurse wasn’t supposed to give me my reading, she in fact suggested I wait until my appointment next week to speak with the dr. However I begged, and maybe the desperation in my voice swayed her, because she told me that I passed.

I don’t have the exact numbers of what my results were, that was pushing her too far, but at least I know that there is nothing wrong with me and that everything is perfect in my little world again.

What a huge relief. And now I need to go have a donut or 6.

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Jennifer Arens said...

gestational diabetes is a nightmare before and after, in the life of a coder, too! congrats mama!

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