Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Checking out Roxbury Park

We met a few moms out at the newly renovated Roxbury park today. Although lovely I personally thought it was hard with a child under 5. There is a big kid park (8 and up) and a little kid park (2-7) but both parks are really close and both are flanked by swings. Little kids, especially my son, just love to dart off, and a swing isnt really a deterrent to the direction he wants to run in. I found myself chasing after him closer than normal terrified he was going to get a concussion from smacking right into a kid on a swing. Normally I just position myself with my back to the swings and keep my son steered toward the structure, but with this park the swings were on either side. So I spent the majority of the time herding him, a little to the right, a little to the left, SIGH.






There was also a pretty cool sand and water area that my Little Cricket just loved, but this was on a raised dias, about knee height. And there wasn’t a gate or anything. Little kids were just running right off of the edge. GRRRRRR. Other than that the park was lovely, and we did have a good time, but until my kid learns a little more control at the park I don’t think we will be coming back anytime soon.




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