Friday, March 20, 2015

The Week in Moments: 95 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

This week you finally learned how to say Rogue. You love to grunt your words or just babble at me like I have a clue what you are saying. We carry on whole conversations where neither of us is understanding the other, but I like to think that we are setting up the basis for having a meaningful conversation in the future.


I got a text from daddy today at work. Apparently you had left a little surprise in daddies shoes this morning, without thinking he put them in his pocket for a minute and then found them again at work. It was your little gift that keeps on giving. I told him to be happy it wasn’t baby vomit on his shoulder he found while out of the house… yup that’s happened to me. And I am sorry to say it has happened more than once.


You are attempting to be a nudist this week. You take off your pants and top constantly. I keep explaining to you that we aren’t a naked family and since I don’t really like nor want you getting in the habit of running around the house and then in public without your clothes on I keep putting them right back on. Over and over we have been doing this dance all week. It has been a battle that some days I just don’t win.




If we don’t get out for errands or a fun class or meetup with a moms group we will almost always take a walk around our house. Recently we found a house that just got torn down a few blocks away and it is now our habit to swing by every few days to check out the progress. Its slow but you love watching the big trucks and the workers making all kinds of loud noises. Totally something I would never have done if you weren’t so into it. I love how curious you are and how everything is new and wonderful. Weather its watching cars from up high or watching shadows dance through glass something fascinating always catches your eye, and then mine too. Its so much fun to share the world with you.






For some reason this week you started covering your ears with the back of your hands. I am not sure if it is you blocking your ears because of loud noises, the wind, because you are getting an ear infection… just another weird little quirk that has cropped up. Hopefully I figure out what it is soon.


You will still randomly boycott eating with your hands. A few days ago you saw me feed Rogue a treat and then since then you are back to eating without your hands again. It seems to come and go, you forget and then Rogue reminds you. If it wasn’t so adorable I would be concerned, but hey at least you are eating.



This week you are finally tall enough to push your own stroller… well almost. You are just tall enough to reach the carry back strapped to the handle, so you aren’t exactly pushing it. But you are SO PROUD of yourself. And as an added bonus it keeps you right by my side, entertained and out of danger.


This is the first week where I took you to a public place and you actually quazi stayed with me. It was the most amazing glorifying wonderful thing to not have to chase you every single second. Don’t get me wrong, I still had to chase you, so I did manage to get in my exercise for the day however by the end of the outing I wasn’t out of breath and cursing your name under my breath so I guess I would consider that a successful outing. I know, or at least I was pretty sure, if I kept taking you out you would eventually get it and stick closer to my side. I knew for a fact if I stayed home until this phase would pass, then we would be in another phase, which would require us to stay home. Because let’s be honest staying home is easier in a lot of ways.




You have been really into your puzzles this week. We work on them together often with me trying to get you to learn your colors as you play. Some you will repeat, green and yellow in particular but most of the time you just do your thing and smile. Color has been something we are doing a ton of everywhere and even in your art class where you were having fun with textures and colors.




This week you learned how to open the safety belt on your high chair. Normally I would assume that you were old enough not to plunge headfirst onto the marble tile floor… ouch. But with you, being the little dare devil that you are, with no idea of the consequences of your actions I have to be careful. So I am trying out various things to rig something you cannot get out of for the next few months. So far you are wining.


On long days when we are out and we are in the car and right on the borderline of your nap I hand you my phone or camera. I found that if I give you a toy or a book you fall asleep. But to give you the phone or camera it buys me about 20 minutes. Usually enough time to get home, get you down for your nap so mama can nap too. I’m tired and nap with you almost every single day. Thank God you seem to take after your mama and love naps too.


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