Friday, March 6, 2015

The Week in Moments: 93 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

It has happened. You climbed out of your crib yesterday. I heard you wake up on the monitor. I got up and got dressed just like normal. And as I was brushing my teeth you simply waltzed right into the bathroom as pleased as you could be. I didn’t hear a thump, and I looked you over but you didn’t have any bruises or red marks. I knew with you being such a climber that it was only a matter of time before you climbed out but I am JUST NOT READY. So for nap yesterday, bedtime today and nap today I have been glued to the monitor completely paranoid that you are going to do it again. After chatting with daddy I started looking at big boy beds for you, it looks like it is about that time, and we will eventually need the crib for your little sister anyways. I found the coolest little cabin that daddy and I both love. First however this weekend we are going to try and get your mattress on the ground and rig something up. I am just so tired with this pregnancy and daddy is never home, so I would have to deal with your sleepless nights until you learned to sleep in your big boy bed. Honestly I hope we can work something out. Wish us luck.


Even though we were being super careful you climbed out again after a nap. Daddy was actually in the room with you, you were still in the crib and he simply swung by the closet to get you an outfit. He heard you plop onto the floor and then scamper away. You are like a ninja!

After company for a month and our trip into the mountains through the rain slush salt and snow my car was super duper dirty. We went through the car wash and you loved it. I remember being excited going as a kid. Honestly it was the coolest thing ever! You have been teething like crazy again. Normally you only get your binkie at bedtime but you started knawing on your arm. It got so bad as to leave big red marks so I started giving you the binkie again. I know you won’t be in college with a binkie but SHEEZ I didn’t realize just how attached you would become to it.


Speaking of the cabin in the mountains nothing was babyproofed, we therefore turned to all the fantastic electronics to keep you occupied and safe. I am sure you thought it was the best vacation ever, TV, remotes and iphones galore.





You are a contortionist. You love being in small places and will try to squeeze through or into the weirdest places. This week you had the whole babygroup in stitches laughing because you had managed to get yourself into the play oven. My adorable funny little boy!


Before we left on our trip I made banana bread. Boy oh boy do you love baking with me. I let you stir the spoon and pour in the sugar and flour. But as soon as I put something in the oven you are there, watching through the window. Maybe you don’t love baking with me… maybe you only love the yummy things that come out of that oven.


You are getting harder and harder to photograph. You are a whirling twirling dashing little boy. From the moment you wake up until the moment I put you to bed you are off zooming somewhere. Even when someone holds you in their lap, or you are in the high chair I still have a hard time. More than half of the photos I take of you are blurry. SIGH.


We have also hit the dreaded age this week of disrobing. You all of a sudden don’t want your pants on. You don’t really understand how to take them off… for instance you might want to remove your shoes first, but no matter how many times I pulled them back up you kept taking them down again. Ahhhh my silly slightly naked baby boy.



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