Friday, February 27, 2015

The Week in Moments: 92 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

You terrified me this week. You are listening better when we go out, you often will hold my hand, but you also love to wander off on your own and I know you need to explore away from me. I just get so worried about you. I am a helicopter mom. I am afraid. Afraid that my perfect little boy will get hurt. And so with a little dread I am trying to release my hold on you bit by bit. Of course that also means you are falling more and getting stuck more. I am always there when you need me. But this week, in letting you adventure further from me than a foot, you took off at the aquarium and I lost you for a few minutes. The absolute terror I felt in those moments stole my breath. When I found you you were fine, more than fine you were excited, because you found the elevator which is your all time favorite thing in the world. No wonder my hair is turning grey.


You are becoming a master on the stairs. Normally I am right there beside you holding your hand but again you want to do everything yourself. So now at the park I wait and I watch as you take those steps down. And I pray that you will hold on tight and that you wont fall.


We had such a great time with our guests over the past two weeks. You of course love Ms. Pool Shark and her little girl. Having to take care of two kids for these past two weeks while pregnant has been tough, but it also has been so beautiful to see you share so much with another little person. With them here the house has been full of noise and laughter. Exhausting for sure but I love it.




Of course Ms. Pool Shark wasn’t all that you loved. That scooter was the absolute best thing ever. When she parked it she had to remove the keys since you liked to climb on and attempt to drive so often. Then again I am not surprised. You love all things trucks, cars and things that move. You are almost big enough to use the sand crane at the park. Your little brow furrowed in concentration as you attempt to lift sand like the big kids do. My curious little boy!



You are still using a binkie and I don’t see an end for us in sight anytime soon. I am not too worried about it. I don’t know a single kid in high school who has a pacifier and well you LOVE YOURS. We have limited it to when you are about to nap or for bedtime though. Its one thing to use it as a sleep aid and quite another to have you walking around all day with it in your mouth.


Naps over the past two weeks with company in town have kind of happened whenever and however they can. Usually I really try to get you a good solid nap every single day but I am not going to revolve our lives around it. The 90% - 10% rule applies to most everything with my parenting style. We try to get you a nap most days but when traveling or when we have out of town guests its just not possible to keep a strict schedule and do everything we want to do. Since you are a pretty easy going kid and since you will eventually fall asleep in your stroller or car seat if you are super tired I am not too worried about it. I do try every other day to schedule the day in a way that you can get a nap but we often go with the flow. I know however that you are tired because when I am getting you down for a nap you are taking epic 3-3.5 hour naps. My poor Little Cricket is exhausted.



A few months ago I was so super sick that I decided to let you watch a small amount of television. We usually go out every day, or I am on the floor our outside with you playing often. But I just couldn’t do it for a while and well you fell in love with Curious George. I see the appeal mommies. After I started feeling better we took the TV out of your life again but with house guests it is back on. For the past few days now I know for a fact that you are getting too much TV when you walk into the room and point to the TV and say George. Yeah, we are going on a no TV rule again when our company leaves. The American Pediatrics states that kids should be playing and learning and exploring and I totally agree.



Every single diaper change we work on labeling your body parts. I find that getting into a routine of things makes it easier for me and you to remember. You can now point to your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, head and belly button almost getting them right every single time. Although you aren’t saying many words yet your comprehension is going through the roof. You understand so much including the word no which you most often just ignore. I simply am loving this age.


This week we visited a friend that had a new baby. I wasn’t sure how you were going to react. I am pregnant right now and soon you will have a little sister. I talk to you about the new baby but I am sure you aren’t quite understanding how life is going to change. Anyways I went to hold the new little baby boy and you started whining and trying to climb into my lap. Ahhh my son, you are going to have to learn to share.


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