Friday, February 20, 2015

The Week in Moments: 91 Weeks Old

My Little Cricket,

We go out to eat often, when we are out and about and I know you have your wiggles out is the best time to go, so often after a big event we swing by to pick up some food. I often find myself ordering from the appetizer and sides menu so I have a sample to share with you. Our little group went out to a late lunch this week, after running around the mall play place for a while. I ordered a hummus appetizer, fried green beans and a salad. Although you rejected anything to do with the salad you gobbled up the pita bread and fried green beans like a champ.




You are getting to amazingly good with the little bit of technology we have exposed you too. It is simply unreal that you are under two years old with how fast you understand. To watch a toddler intuitively use an iPad with ease truly showcases how brilliant the technology is. Although we limit your technology severely I am not opposed to the exposure, it is after all a fact of life right now, everything is run on technology.



I have to officially call you a runner. You don’t like to stick by my side, you simply go where you want to go and you don’t even look back to check where I am. Even if I call to you, you won’t turn back and my only option is to chase you fast. I find it incredibly difficult and exhausting running after you all over the place. At one point at a park I just stopped to see how far you would go. You got FAR before I freaked out and ran after you. SIGH. You win this round buddy.


You have all these random cute quirks that make you so adorably you. Right now you want to sit on every single bench that we walk by. And you just don’t want to sit in it you want to crawl all over it, you want to explore it, and then you want to sit and contemplate thinking about following me.




You and Ms. Pool Sharks little girl have been having so much fun this week. Although it has been hard on me watching two kids with Ms. Pool Shark injured, it has also been awesome to see you two playing together. She even helped by letting me know when you were doing something wrong and she helped to keep you with the group while we were out. You are almost the same age difference as you will be with the new baby, so it really showed me an awesome glimpse of how life would be; crazy, messy, hard, and oh so beautiful.




Stairs are another obsession you are indulging in constantly even at the park. You will still often go down the stairs on your butt, or you want to hold my hand. You are getting so close to being able to go up and down on your own without me freaking out. I know you can do it but sometimes you still trip up and I get worried. I am a helicopter mom, I know you want to do more but I just don’t want you to get hurt.



Daddy and I got you a new bubble gun. It is battery operated and spits out tons of bubbles, you love it. Between the bubble gun and the hose you are in heaven in the back yard. You are more than obsessed with running water. Nothing beats bathtime though, you love nothing better then to play in the tub. I am sure if I let you you would be in there for hours.




You held up your finger and told me to SHHHHHH a few days ago. I was talking to you asking you if you wanted more to eat or if you were done, and you looked over at me and shushed me. It took all I had not to laugh out loud.



The gate has been fixed, baby proofed so you cannot open it anymore and to say that you are upset would be a vast understatement. You are crying and whining but no longer escaping. I am trying to help you with your disappointment, but it is hard since I am so happy.


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