Friday, March 13, 2015

The Week in Moments: 22 Months Old (94 Weeks)

My Little Cricket,

This week we tackled the crib problem. Since you climbed out of your crib twice late last week your daddy and I spent some time brainstorming on how to get your mattress lowered. We had already set the springs at the lowest setting so our only option was to put the mattress directly on the floor. Unfortunately that left about a 5 inch gap between the lower bars and the top of the mattress. It wasn’t large enough for you to get out of but it was big enough for you to get stuck. In the end we used the cushions off two our chairs to raise the mattress up slightly. That WORKED thank goodness. You still tried to get out, but since your foot could barely grasp the top of the railing you couldn’t quite succeed. Finally we all started getting some sleep again, and I stopped freaking out that you would hurt yourself climbing out. Of course I know that this is only temporary but I am hoping to keep you in your crib until you are closer to three and when you and I can handle transitioning you to a big boy bed.



Even though we fixed the crib so you cannot climb out you still are obsessed with climbing. The past few weeks you have been climbing into the corner cabinet, up onto the daisy drawers and attempting to get into the microwave. I have told you a million times not to climb, that it was dangerous, but you still do it constantly. The latch in the corner cabinet doesn’t quite work because the way that the door is, I am hoping that Mr. Rogue has time to fix it soon so we can both relax a little more.


The weather has been beautiful and we have been spending more and more time outside. The hose is your main focus, you fill the buckets up over and over again. Dump them out and then fill them up some more. Of course there is plenty of other things to get into out there, and I pretty much let you have the run of the yard. It gives me a little time to relax too, not much but a good 20 minutes can do wonders. You other favorite things to do is blow bubbles which you almost have down and draw all over with the street chalk. I am trying to get you to draw only on the ground and not all over the house.







We go out often, because it is much easier breaking up our day by a little adventure. We venture to the park for hours, you are getting so good at climbing all the equipment. And you are obsessed with elevators. Its adorable how excited you get to push the button. We also head to the corner mall often and you are getting better at having fun, and not attempting to run out, of the play area.






One of the parks that I love to go to and meet my mom friends at is a tiny park that is fenced in. With the fence, and the fact that the park is so small it is easier to have a conversation while keeping our eye on the kids. Sadly my Little Cricket spent a good 20 minutes over by the gate with a buddy and figured out how to open it… of course. For the next hour I attempted to distract him with the other fun things to do only to have him run back to the gate. SIGH




Since you love the water so much we usually give you a bath every night, even though you really only need a bath every other day. Its an activity you enjoy. Even when it isn’t bath time you will crawl in asking for me to turn on the water. We have been thinking about getting you into a swimming class, maybe this summer.


You still aren’t eating meat, unless it is very cleverly hidden, and even then sometimes you refuse. Since you are allergic to eggs I find it hard to make sure you get enough protein. This week I did get you to eat a little lasagna, with meat sauce, so that was a big success. Mostly you get your protein from dairy, and most days you get a yogurt since it covers a good portion of your protein needs for the day. You are a good eater, with the things you like, and thankfully that includes most fruit, vegetables, dairy and breads. I am still having a hard time with other simple things other kids love. You won’t touch rice or noodles even mac and cheese you won’t touch. And soups that you used to love are no longer something you will eat.





I get incredibly frustrated sometimes but since you aren’t unhealthy, just small, I try and follow best practices for eating. I get to choose what you eat and when. I give you a wide variety of food and put it all on your tray at the same time. And then you get to decide what you eat or even if you eat anything at all. I always offer something I know you like and I always try to offer something new, which you usually ignore.




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