Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Anatomy Scan

Mr. Rogue has been so busy with work he hasn't been able to go with me to any of my baby appointments. This one however, the more in-depth ultrasound at a specialists office for the anatomy scan, he was able to attend. I was so thankful, one because I really wanted him there to see our little baby and as a support in case anything was wrong, and also because it is getting much harder to wrangle my Little Cricket in these appointments.

We spent 45 minutes in our little room with the technician and everything looked great. She was measuring correctly for her age, and she was moving around a little too much so it was hard to get some images but the technician prevailed. The only down side was that with her position we couldn't get clear views of all the angles of her heart. Of course she told me not to freak out, and that it was common, but of course I couldn’t help but freak out a little. The doctor came in and didn't have any more luck than the technician did so I will have to come back in a month so they can try again to get better views of the heart. At least for now everything seems to be ok, and with the doctors reassurance that everything was probably fine I am going to try and not worry. A month however is a long time.






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