Monday, March 2, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: 18 weeks

Yesterday I started my 18th week of pregnancy. I am so excited to have made it this far, we are almost halfway through. I felt the baby kick for the first time this week. I have been feeling flutters now for weeks but wasn’t really sure. This week was the first real kick and I am overjoyed. It is amazing to feel a little baby move around in my body, a true miracle, and oh so reassuring that my little girl is doing ok.

This pregnancy has been so different than from being pregnant with My Little Cricket. I have been so tired, like totally wiped out exhausted. Some days I worry that there is something wrong, but my tests results have all come back positive and my doctor simply states that of course I am going to be tired taking care of a toddler while pregnant.

Another difference with this pregnancy is that sometimes I look super pregnant and then others it seems like my little girl is hiding. I have an anterior placenta this pregnancy and I think with the baby changing positions so often has me looking sometimes 9 months pregnant and sometimes not pregnant at all.

We have a spare bedroom, a computer room and an exercise room. Originally we were thinking of getting rid of our spare bedroom and putting our little girl in the spare bedroom. It is after all the room that ‘we’ as a family never use. However with so many family and friends out of town that use that room often the idea didn’t seem so great to get rid of it. On second thought we decided to give the new baby the computer room. Mr. Rogue and I are computer nerds and the idea of not having a computer room is kind of weird to us. However on further reflection our time in that room has dropped significantly since my Little Cricket entered our lives. And we anticipate that it will only drop further with another little baby.

So we are moving the computers into the exercise room and we are going to attempt to combine the space to serve both needs. The problem is that this new plan is going to take quite a bit of shuffling. If we had gotten rid of the spare bedroom then I only needed to find room for the few extra linens that were in that closet. Now however I have to go through the garage and move the lesser used things to the attic, so I can get rid of the extra stuff in the exercise room closet (mostly random stuff we barely use) and put that in the garage, so I can move the computer room closet stuff downstairs, and then organize all the craft stuff in the computer room closet to go in the spare bedrooms closet. Essentially I am organizing and rearranging a ton of stuff.

Right now the spare bedroom looks like a war room. All the craft stuff is in there as well as scattered other things that need to be gone through. The baskets that used to hold my Little Crickets toys, and that had to be replaced with collapsible baskets, are now going to hold the organized craft stuff I have. And now with a little space in the computer room closet cleared out I have started to hang all the adorable new baby clothes. I am loving all the pink and ruffles!





I have four and a half months until the baby is due on July 27th Hopefully by working slowly a bit every week I will be done and ready to decorate the new nursery in early June. I remember how that last month of pregnancy feels and I am hoping to be completely done by the beginning of July.

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