Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our First Time at Disney

The one thing Ms. Pool Shark really wanted to do this trip to LALA land was to take her princess loving daughter to Disney. I had mixed feelings, My Little Cricket has never been to Disney, and Mr. Rogue and I were kinda waiting until his 2 year old birthday to take him. But he is young, he won’t remember and Ms. Pool Shark really wanted to go.



We headed to kiddy land, I was surprised at how many rides they have for little kids that I could also go on while pregnant. I have only ever been to Disney with my Little or with family, and we all head directly for the big roller coasters. This time I got to see a whole different side of Disney. We got Ms. Pool Sharks little girls face painted, we rode the carousel, the tea cups, the flying Dumbos and a few spooky kid rollercoasters. We ended up parking the stroller and Ms. Pool Sharks scooter out of the way and we all walked through kiddy land. My Little Cricket did great in the lines and had so much fun watching all the people.





We stopped for dinner and attempted to find a nice sit down place to eat, sadly you have to make those reservations in advance. We ended up in a sort of restaurant style place at least with a waiter but we had to wait 45 minutes and pay and arm and a leg for just ok food. At least we got to relax and it wasn’t fast food.



After eating we headed the big thing that Ms. Pool Shark wanted to share with her daughter. We found the princesses and waited in line so she could talk with them. I just LOVE how her face lit up with joy. My Little Cricket on the other hand was a little leery.



After the princesses we pumped a little girl up with some sugar and then we hit the last thing I wanted to see, It’s a Small World. By then everyone was toast. It was a long day and we headed back to the car where the kids immediately passed out. What a fantastic day!




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