Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our First Art Class

I have been avoiding traditional classes with my Little Cricket. Some moms in my mom groups are in a class or two with their little ones every single day, others are just dabbling in a few, I have been really resistant to classes preferring the freedom to let my Little Cricket play and explore. We go out often and we have tons of mom friends and play groups but I felt like we were ready to get a little more social interaction and this art class sounded intriguing.

Today we had our free class to try it out. There was a craft out on a table that the kids could do and then there was a wealth of toys and books for the kids to play with. I was wondering how they were going to get a bunch of toddlers to sit still for an hour and craft, but that is not at all what they did. Instead the kids came up, crafted for 5 minutes and then wandered off to play. Several times my Little Cricket visited the art table and by the end of class had finished his own little glued collage. He had a great time. We signed up for the session.



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