Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey

Ms. Pool Shark in an effort to give me a little downtime took her little girl out while I took a nap with my Little Cricket. She found a little gem of a park that she took me back to today. It’s funny I used to live in the marina, right around the corner from this park, I even worked at one of the restaurants right behind the park and I don’t remember ever seeing it. LALA land was something different to me then. I was in my mid-20s, I was sleeping in LATE and partying even LATER, and I was too busy noticing new clubs, hot restaurants and gorgeous men to bother registering a park.

Fast forward 10 years and I got to rediscover this area with a child. We valeted at one of the nice restaurants surrounding the harbor and then we let the kids race out their giggles at the park. We spent some time gossiping with other moms, mostly about geography, the dead sea and of course about the park. Apparently many mothers come here to let their kids swim in the summer. With the water being part of the harbor the beach doesn’t get hit by the big waves like the beaches of LA. And therefore moms don’t have to worry as much about their kids going in the water. Or at least they don’t have to worry about the waves and undercurrents that are so dangerous to little ones. Hopefully we can make it often to this beach this summer. As for right now we enjoyed the park.




After play for a good two hours, when the sun started to set we headed over to our restaurant. I ordered the most amazing pasta which my Little Cricket shared with me Lady and the Tramp style. We had a long drawn out two hour meal and the kids did SO GOOD. Alas it was now time to get home and get the kids in bed, besides when that sun goes down it gets downright chilly.






Every night I put both kids down to bed. First my Little Cricket goes down, I read him his two books, and then the lights go out. This is my snuggle time. I sing twinkle twinkle while kissing the top of his head. Even though he is super big now and super heavy and a big boy I cherish this time. Soon he will be too big, I will be too pregnant to hold him like this. Time is moving too fast. I shut off the light and say goodnight.

Then a few hours later I put down Baby Pool Shark. I have a stack of books in her room and after we brush her teeth and put her in her jammies she picks two. Every single night she picks the Pout Pout fish, one of my Little Crickets and my all time favorite books. We have read it every night she has been here and I just had to give her the book when she left. A beautiful memory from a wonderful trip.


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