Thursday, March 12, 2015

Discovering Lake Balboa

Mrs. Dancer and I hadn’t hung out in a while so she suggested a new park for a fun outing today. I had never been to Lake Balboa, just 20 minutes north of my house. And the park boasted not only a cool kids area but a walking path (that I love) and cherry trees that were supposed to be blossoming. Mrs. Dancer and I headed out early, the park was super cool with two separate areas. We chased after my Little Cricket and then Mrs. Dancer told me to go to take a break. She ran after my Little Cricket as I sat on a bench and just relaxed. Best Gift Ever!







After wearing my Little Cricket out on the play area Mrs. Dancer and I checked out the walking path. Its cement, decently wide and it follows the small lake all the way around. This park reminds me a bunch of the parks we saw in England. Lots of open space where you don’t even feel like the city. Sadly the cherry blossoms weren’t in full bloom. We found a few trees that were blooming but I bet in another month this park is going to be amazing. As an added bonus there were tons of birds here too. A park we will come back to often for sure.




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