Sunday, March 1, 2015

Big Bear Mountain Family Weekend

I love traveling so much. Being in a high risk pregnancy I am sadly restricted from flying so these little weekend getaway trips are so precious. I found a little house on VRBO (somewhere we rent houses all the time from) and the house was just perfect. We had three bedrooms and a large family great room style living area. The house was old log cabin looking style with wood floors, wood ceilings, wood walls… lots of brown.


My Little Cricket sadly didn’t sleep well that first night, we tried putting him in the pack in play in our master bedroom but he just cried, we tried bringing him in bed with us (which we never ever do) but then he just wanted to play and head butt us. So we ended up moving the pack and play into the master bathroom. It just fit, with the camera set up, the door shut and the fan on my Little Cricket finally fell asleep at 2:30am. We all woke up late, and a little more than tired but thankfully with snow on the ground. I poked my head outside… the wind was whipping and the snow was falling YAY.



After breakfast we all bundled up and headed outside for some fun in the front yard. Mr. Rogue had his camera out to take some photos and we all held our breath wondering how my Little Cricket would do. YEAH he hated the snow. The second I put him down he turned around and wanted me to pick him right back up. We stayed outside for a half hour and we both kept trying to get him to play with the snow. It was fun, look at your cousins playing we kept saying. He just kept asking to be picked up or he would head for the door.








We headed back inside where everyone played and got warmed up. We made a big steak dinner and chatted late into the night. That second night My Little Cricket slept better and therefore so did Mr. Rogue and I but in the morning I found my Little Cricket in the bathroom sink soaking wet. Apparently he climbed out of the pack and play and turned on the faucet. Bath time it is then!



The second day we tried taking out my Little Cricket into the snow with less bulk. Mr. Rogue was thinking that maybe he just didn’t like the state puff marshmallow man outfit yesterday. He still didn’t like the snow but he did walk in it a bit this time. I guess that is an improvement.




Sadly our little weekend getaway was over way too soon. We packed up the car and closed up the house ready to head back home. This time there wasn’t fog but we had a ton of snow all the way down the mountain. Mr. Rogue started out driving but pretty quickly we had to switch I was getting so sick. Finally we got off the mountain where it was much warmer and the abundance of snowfall became a huge rain storm. We often don’t get rain in LALA land. In fact we are in the middle of a huge drought so we were thankful for the rain. It just made the drive home take that much longer.





Finally home sweet home. Its time for me to relax.

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