Saturday, February 28, 2015

Back to Back to Back Adventures

My parents visited for 10 days, three days later Ms. Pool Shark arrives for 17 days, the day she leaves we head to a three day family weekend at Big Bear. I didn’t exactly plan life to be this busy with guests but sometimes life is crazy beautiful like this.

Yesterday, at the airport as I was dropping off Ms. Pool Shark and her daughter at the airport it was chaos. We were dragging out bags, trying to get the gate agent to get her wheelchair and then she couldn’t find her phone. CRAP. No phone now a days is crippling and since I was the last one both of us remember using her phone at the house I felt terrible. I thought I had given it to her but I couldn’t actually specifically remember. Something I would have had no trouble doing pre baby is now impossible. SIGH.

So I offered to race home and attempt to get her phone hopefully delivering it to her before she got on the plane. We were now frantically grabbing all her stuff out of the car and thankfully I find her phone lodged behind her daughters car seat. Ms. Pool Shark must have latched her little girl in and the phone slipped behind. YAY.

Leaving them at the airport I rushed home to start getting everything ready for our weekend trip with the Fruits up Big Bear mountain to visit the snow. Living in LALA land we are blessed with only being about two hours from the ski slopes. I used to ski often in the winter pre-children. I was even teaching Mr. Rogue and he was getting pretty good. Of course since we started trying to get pregnant I stopped going skiing but I still love driving up there in the winter to visit the snow. This was going to be a special visit because My Little Cricket has never seen the snow.

So while trying to do laundry and clean up and pack the car for the three of us for the weekend I also decided I may as well bake some banana bread instead of taking a nap… because I am crazy like that. Mrs. Dancer swung by to say hi and offer moral support so I could finish everything I had to do, I have been super busy and haven’t seen her that much lately, and she offered to help with the bread… she licked the bowl and spoon at least.



I had everything ready when Mr. Rogue got off work. We put my Little Cricket in the car and left about 8pm. It was perfect timing. My Little Cricket was up for maybe 20 minutes before he fell asleep and then he slept the whole way up. Mr. Rogue has been working killer hours and I have been looking so forward to a weekend away with him. I drove because those roads up the mountain are windy and being pregnant I was worried about motion sickness. Motion sickness didn’t even enter my mind as the weather and fog were terrible. The normal 2-2.5 hour drive actually took us 4 hours with how slow we had to drive. At last we arrived safe and sound.


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