Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Little Road Trip: The Long Beach Aquarium

We stayed overnight in San Diego and woke up slowly. At a long leisurely breakfast slowly. And then packed slowly. It was originally our intention to stop through Lego Land on our way back to LALA land, however after further research we decided that it just wasn’t worth the money for the ages of our kids. Plus we were all exhausted. So as an alternative plan we decided to stop at the Long Beach Aquarium, I was a member so it was free, and I always love to go to the aquarium.

The kids passed out on the car ride to the aquarium, and we popped into PF Changs right before entering. With everyone well rested and fed we had a really amazing time. We marveled at the sea life and shared our wonder about the creatures under the sea. I had such a great time with Ms. Pool Sharks little girl. Everything was new and exciting to her and it was a joy to share that wonder. I think the touch tank was the most awesome experience for everyone. It was an awesome day….














… that is it was awesome until the very end. You see I got distracted by the sea otters with Ms. Pool Sharks little girl for just a moment. And My Little Cricket decided to take off. I even have a photo of it. You see him running off in the distance. Yeah this photo was taken just seconds before I lost my son. I of course raced after him, but then I didn’t see him around the corner like I expected. And then the path split. I panicked, left the stroller and started racing calling his name. On a gut hunch I raced toward the elevator. Sure enough there he was alone in the elevator and the doors were shutting. I managed to get the doors to stop and scoop my boy into my arms.

It only takes a moment, this kid is fast.


When I returned to Ms. Pool Shark I found her oh so slowly scooting along. Apparently we didn’t charge her battery fully, and it was dying. CRAP.

So we made a train. My pregnant self started pushing Ms. Pool Sharks dying scooter, as she attempted to push the stroller. We were a comical sight but we did actually make it back to the car in one piece.

Adventures are sometimes hard work.


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