Thursday, January 29, 2015

Visit with Extended Family

My mom has a cousin who just moved a few hours outside of LALA land so we drove out for a visit. I brought a ton of stuff for my Little Cricket to play with since I knew we would be hanging out in a bachelors house for a while, but of course everything I brought he has already seen and played with. And what good are the toys I have when there are tons of breakable objects at eye level. Yeah his house was gorgeous and full of antiques and glass. When I walked in I almost cried. We all took turns running after my Little Cricket, and then my moms cousin remembered a bin of toys he had… thank god.



Once the toys were gone through and their appeal had faded my Little Crickets attention reverted back to how he could destroy all the glass. And that is when I suggested we head out back, so I could pull out my backup plan. I had bought a bubble gun, and since my Little Cricket had never seen it before we got a good half hour of joy and entertainment out of it. Plus in the yard there wasn’t any glass.



We all decided to go to a local restaurant for dinner, which ended up taking two hours. I was so PROUD of my Little Cricket. He had a 2 hour car ride out to my mom’s cousins, and then another half hour to dinner, and then a 2 hour meal to sit through. He did so great and only really started fussing during dessert. I don’t blame him. So I took out my phone, it worked like a charm to keep him occupied for another 20 minutes until desserts were consumed, bills were paid and goodbyes were said.





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