Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tiny Humans Wreak Havoc on Timing

Ms. Pool Shark was nervous getting through the airport and on the plane and then back off with a four year old and all her luggage. Her man helped her on her end in Pittsburgh and I promised to park the car and be there when she landed. I was right on time, I had left early, of course there was traffic, it is after all LALA land. I was driving up to the airport mentally high fiving my awesomeness at not being late and then my son vomited all over himself in the back seat.

We pulled into a Jack in a Box. I cleaned him up, changed his clothes and then showed him the air conditioner and the radio so I could clean up the car seat without him getting squashed in the parking lot. And now I was 20 minutes late. SIGH. I have found that tiny humans wreak havoc on timing.


So I shot off a text to Ms. Pool Shark and I raced to park and get into the airport. Thank goodness her plane was late, so again I was exactly on time.

The wheel chair pushing guy offered to help us get everything in the car so I hurried back to the parking lot and brought the car around. We managed to get everyone in, strapped in their car seats, home and comfy on the couch before we all melted into a puddle of exhaustion. They made it in one piece. Hallelujah.



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