Friday, February 6, 2015

The Week in Moments: 89 Weeks Old

Your favorite book is the Pout Pout Fish, but really you just LOVE books all together. We have a ton of them scattered throughout the house and you will often carry one to whoever is in the room with you to snuggle down and read. Of course grandma couldn’t resist reading to you as often as you liked.


You also love to tinker with your toys. Legos being a new go to favorite. And grandpa is your tinkering buddy. You must have built 100 different structures in the past two weeks. But it’s not just Legos, you are both getting into fun with chalk, cars, and even grandpas arm brace. It squeezes my heart with pure joy to see you playing with my parents.







I am not sure what it is about the dog that fascinates you so much but this week you have picked up another trait of his and taken it to the next level. You love to eat without your hands, simply sucking things up into your mouth from your tray. But this week you started trying to eat your yogurt without hands… and then you decided that hands were ok, as long as they were used to bring the container to your face. NO hands, no spoons; its you, the yogurt and your bowl. You are making an awful mess, but you are so happy, and you are exploring, so I cannot resist but to let you just keep trying things out.


I am always trying new things with you, because I never know when a favorite is going to go out of style with you or if you are totally going to dig something new. This week we tried grapefruit which you HATE with a passion. Its ok buddy so does mommy.



We don’t let you watch TV often. I wouldn’t have even started except I was so sick the first few weeks of being pregnant, and you were climbing the walls in chaos, so we started a little TV. You have taken to Curious George like it’s your new best friend. Grandma made a good point that maybe all those monkey noises aren’t exactly educational.


You brighten up my entire day. Everyday. And I just love seeing you with my parents. Wishing all my family and friends lived close instead of scattered across the US.



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