Friday, January 23, 2015

The Week in Moments: 87 Weeks Old

I really really really HOPE that you aren’t giving up naps. I don’t know if I can take it, and honestly I love naps so much that if you drop them before you turn two I might just have to reassess if they switch you at birth with my real baby. You didn’t nap one day… ok a fluke. And then the very next day I put you down for your nap and you fussed, for an hour. I went in and you had a dirty diaper…totally understandable that you wouldn’t want to nap like that. I changed you thinking FOR SURE you would nap now. But you sat in there for another hour reading and talking and just being a totally non napping baby. And then I watched you take off your pants and your diaper. AWESOME. Not only do I have a child that doesn’t want to nap, I have one that is going to start getting naked.

I might cry.


We take walks around the neighborhood often. We don’t go very far or very fast but we are always gone a long time. You love to check out everything, which means that I spend a bunch of time talking to you about the various things in someone’s front yard and you climbing, exploring and poking. Current fascinations are water fountains, gates and door handles, grates, sticks and any kind of flower.






You are climbing onto the bar stools now. You are climbing up the cabinets and you are climbing anything to get to the lights and to let yourself out of the baby gate. I have removed so many toys that used to be fun but now are just stepping stools to your ultimate no no goal. You don’t listen when I tell you to stop. You don’t listen when I try to explain why you cannot do what you want to do. I don’t want to yell, but I find myself raising my voice. We certainly don’t want to spank, but I find myself losing my patience and tapping you on the butt. Nothing is working, I really hope that this is just a phase you will grow out of, and you are seriously driving me bonkers. I try to take you to the park often, to honor the fact that you just HAVE to climb. But no matter how often we go it never seems to be enough. My mom suggested getting something in the house that you are allowed to climb and that just might be my next step.





It doesn’t help that we are three weeks into daddy’s crazy work schedule and I haven’t gotten a decent break in that entire time. I feel like I would have so much more patience and reserves if I had time to myself to decompress. You are challenging and I am just exhausted. I cannot wait until my parents arrive next week, they are going to help so much and they are so excited to see you.



You are talking and jabbering and being totally adorable all the time. However it is impossible to get you talking on camera. Because of your obsession with electronics and because I sometimes hand you my mini camera or phone to keep you occupied while we are out any time I try to record you talking you immediately switch gears to wanting the device in my hand. It is making it really hard to capture all those moments I love. I did manage to catch an Uh-oh on video this week. Hopefully I will do better next time.

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