Friday, January 9, 2015

The Week in Moments: 85 Weeks Old

You have been eating so much this week. I would say almost double what you normally eat. And like a little bird I feed you and then you want more. Not a half hour after you finish eating you are asking for a snack. Although I don’t want to start a bad habit with having a smorgishboard feeding style I also want to honor that this week you might need a little more to fuel your growing body. The increased food and the extra hour you have been sneaking in at naptime tells me you are going through a growth spurt for sure.





You are getting more and more focused on electrical equipment. Since everyone left from the holidays I have been working hard at limiting your electronics back again. You have a leap frog that you adore, and I will occasionally give you my phone to buy myself five minutes to get whatever I need to get done, but anything beyond that we are keeping from you. Of course when people come in from out of town it’s hard to keep you away. I figure as long as we are trying for the most part to limit technology we are doing good. It is impossible to not have it at all.

My cousin came to visit this week and you just adored playing with her. We went to so many fun places and I was so happy she got to spend a little time with you. And she had the electronics out so much, which you totally loved.




Everyone in my mom’s groups keeps talking about how horrible their children’s temper tantrums are getting. You are a super mild easy going kid. Other than not listening to me you are the best baby ever. Maybe I am a bit biased but seriously, the worst tantrum antics I get from you is a little grunting, a little hand waving in frustration and sometimes you stop your feet a few times. Then it stops as quickly as it started. I have to resist to smile because I just find it so darn cute.


We read to you often and you love your books. Sometimes you wont sit still for them and we simply lie on the floor and read to you as you play. Most of the time however you are totally engaged in the book. I also talk to you ALL THE TIME. Often you will babble back and then sometimes you mimic me. You added a few new words to your vocabulary this week.
“nana” (banana)


The best news this week by far is that I have finally fixed your toy, basket climbing situation. A few weeks ago you figured out how to dump the toys out of your wicker baskets and use the baskets as stools to get to all kinds of things you were not supposed to get into. Saying ‘no’ just wasn’t stopping you from climbing so I took the baskets out and just dealt with the toys strewn all over the floor. It was and eye-twitching nightmare. Anyways I have been searching for basket like containers that you cannot use as stools and I finally found them in Target. They are cloth and have some structure but when you try to push on them they just collapse under your weight. Oh the joy I felt when you first tried them out. You stepped on a basket and kept saying ‘NO, no no no no no no no.’ Mommy wins this round.



You love to mimic everything I do, when I cook you get your bowls and spoons out. When I clean you copy me. Today you spilled your milk, you came up to me and pointed at the wipe box, I gave you a wipe and you cleaned up your own mess. I was so proud!!!!!


Sadly you got an almost black eye this week. You keep trying to climb the barstools and I keep attempting to get you to stop. Well this week you slipped and your face slammed right into the iron on the chair. It was exactly what I was afraid that you would do. You never cry and you cried so much. I thought that it would maybe deter you from trying again, yet later that day you were right back at it. The barstools are now in the exercise room.


You got a super annoying toy for Christmas from my friend. Of course you love it. She even said in the card, I know this toy is annoying but my son loved it and I know yours will too. AWESOME. I have learned a new way of torturing parents. I will have to find something super WONDERFUL to send to her son next year.


I often give you my camera or occasionally my phone to buy me those few extra minutes to get out of the store, or make it through another dr appointment. So when I go to download photos sometimes I get these little surprise nuggets; photos that you took without even knowing. Love them.








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