Friday, February 13, 2015

The Week in Moments: 21 Months Old (90 Weeks)

My Little Cricket,

You are so super smart. You love figuring things out and seeing how they work. Much to my dismay you can now open the baby gate in two seconds. Sadly I have waited until the last possible minute to call the guy who built my gates to help me figure out a solution. I tried temporarily to use a baby loop over the handle but it is so easy for you to push off it barely slows you down for a moment. Thank goodness the gate guy came out within a few days. He must have heard the desperation in my voice. And we were able to figure out a solution that wouldn’t cost too much and wouldn’t take too long to complete. They won’t be ready for a week, but now with an end in sight maybe I can pull up a bit more patience to deal with you and the gates. MAMA is tired.


With our friends here this week, and with Ms. Pool Shark broken, I have been taking care of both you and her little four year old. So I am pregnant taking care of a four year old and you and my head is spinning. The logistics is so much harder taking care of two, and holy cow I am in for an excessive amount of work and awesomeness. You are LOVING having a little buddy to play with and entertain you. You two are so super cute together I just wished they lived closer.





We got your second haircut this week. And boy oh boy did you need it. Your hair is finally growing in, oh so slowly and a little rough around the edges, but this haircut you look like a little man. My heart just constricts with so much love and joy you bring to my life. Seriously you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.



Now that it is getting nice out and you are a little older we are going out back more often. The hose in the backyard is your all-time favorite toy. You can spend a good hour a day filling buckets and getting the cement wet. You just LOVE IT. And in turn I love it. I get to sit in the sunshine and just enjoy the day as you are entertained to the max. Unfortunately your second favorite thing to do outside is to crawl into Rogues water dish. He really doesn’t appreciate his water being bathed in. I am hoping that this phase will pass soon rather than later.




You are finally figuring out zippers and snaps and Velcro. Zippers in particular this week are super exciting. I wear hoodies around the house, I just love the pockets, and you just love zipping my hoodies up and down a zillion times. Of course anything that you own with a zipper is also fair game to be played with but you really love mamas zippers.


You love arts and crafts so much, which is so much fun and right up my alley. I was having a hard time finding the right tablecloth so finally I went to Joanne’s and got an old school super thick vinyl piece of material. I got a piece big enough for the whole kitchen table and it works so amazingly. It doesn’t move and shift under the artwork and nothing seeps through. Plus it’s a breeze to clean. Now you can pain away to your hearts content without me worrying about it getting everywhere.


I got a few new additions to your toy arsenal this week. You are super loving this cloth tunnel I got you. Daddy and you were both coming in from separate sides, you thought it was the funniest thing in the world. God I love to hear you laugh.




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