Friday, January 16, 2015

The Week in Moments: 20 Months Old (86 Weeks)

Ahhh my Little Cricket, you are getting so big, you are becoming quite the strong little person. You love to explore and to climb and you ALWAYS have a smile on your face. I am truly blessed that you are such a great baby. You are my dream come true.


In news this week you take off your shoes and socks. You do it at home and you love to do it in your car seat. And then you insist on putting on one of the shoes, without the sock. Usually you only want the blue shoe, I am pretty sure because those are your favorites, but it might just be because they are easy to put on. You only ever want the one shoe, and then you proceed to walk around the house, with a weird hitch to your walk, with one shoe on and one shoe off.




I finally downloaded more kids games on my phone because there have been a few times I was desperate to have you distracted for a minute. I kept putting off getting apps on my phone; because I knew once they were there I would use them. And of course I have used the phone a few times to distract you and you just love them. I of course restrict the phone to short segments, but I have to go back on my no technology rule, I seriously just don’t have the energy anymore. Thankfully you still LOVE LOVE LOVE books. And often in your car seat that is what you are playing with. At home you will grab all the books off your shelf and surround yourself with them. Even the books that I have randomly scattered around the house that I am reading you like to look at.


So I have some guilt about letting you use my phone and now I have more guilt because I have been too tired to take you out as often as I would like. I am too nauseous to get down on the floor and chase you like a bear. I am ready to fall down in exhaustion so I have started this week to allow you to watch a 20 minute tv show sometimes. We have only watched Curious George, and only the 20 minutes max a day, and not even every day. I really wanted to wait until 4 or 5 to start letting you watch TV. Yet the dreams I had before having a baby, and the reality of trying to take care of a toddler while pregnant conflict.


You are such a smart little boy. And while lying down I can still do a ton of stuff with you. For instance this week you figured out finally that the colored keys go to the correct colored doors. You are still working on the words for the colors, but the theory finally clicked. You have a slack jawed concentration, thinking with your mouth open wide, and then once you get it such a wonderful smile of joy pass across your face.


You are also working on your developmental milestones. You are running, most of the time without tripping, and you are now going up and down the stairs without holding my hand. Instead you want to hold the banister and I cautiously walk right behind you, always terrified that you are going to fall. You are so amazing at physical things!





This week I made you your first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I made a half of sandwich, cut the crusts off and cut it in little bites. You simply loved it and I am so happy that making lunch now will be a little easier. You still won’t eat meat so you get quite a few beans in your diet. Anywhere I can find extra protein I try and pack it in. I am learning more and more about vegetarian diets and protein balance than I thought I ever would. You and daddy love your lentil soup. You don’t like to bite into large things, and you mostly love things that are pure, not blends. You love edamame, but when I made edamame hummus you wouldn’t touch it. It is a difficult mix of conundrums, and since I am the same way, picky about my food, I cannot fault you.








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