Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Hammer Museum

I have been to a good portion of the museums in LALA land. I love art and so when a fellow mom friend also stated that she loves museums we decided to visit one together. She picked the Hammer Museum, one that I haven’t been to yet. She was told that there were several areas for children and that the art there was really great.


Unfortunately the Hammer sucked. Most of the rooms were closed for renovations. There was a circulating exhibit that had to do with ultra-modern art and some lint… which I totally wasn’t interested in. There was a room exhibiting a photographer, but I really didn’t like the body of work. And there was virtually nothing for children to do. There were only three redeeming qualities about the museum; the elevator, which my Little Cricket adores and that we played in for a while, a cool wood slat table in the entrance way that the boys just loved, and a single amazing painting by Vincent Van Gogh, Hospital at Saint – Remy. It is an oil on canvas that I have never seen before in person. The painting depicts the ground of the institution where Van Gogh went in the spring of 1889 after suffering reoccurring episodes of mental illness. I love his flame like brush strokes, his vibrant use of color. His bold interpretation of what most people wouldn’t look at with a second glance. It is hard to have a favorite artist when I love so many but Van Gogh for sure holds a very special place in my heart.






After an hour there we decided to leave and meet at the mall around the corner. At least there the kids could run and have fun in the food court play area and we could sit down for a minute and catch up. The boys had a great time and my Little Cricket gobbled down half of his friends snack. Crisped snapea’s… yummm.



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