Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: The Universe Hates Me

I just got a call from my OBGYN’s office. I thought YAY my test results from the M21 test I took a few days ago came back early. Yeah, that’s so not the case. My blood results came back. Since I am high risk I get blood drawn and a urine analysis done every two weeks. Most of the time I hear nothing about these tests since they always come back normal. Not so this time. Apparently I have a uti, one with no symptoms, which is often the case with pregnant women and I have tested positive for the group b test. UGH.

The only good thing is that there is a single medication I can take that will take care of both problems. But because I am pregnant I have to take the sucky weak dosage. Instead of taking a pill once a day for 10 days I have to take a pill every six hours for 16 days. I cannot miss a pill, and I cannot the six hour time limit to take the pill, so that means I have to set an alarm in the middle of the night to down a horse pill.


And still I wait with batted breath for the results of the M21 test. Fingers crossed.

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