Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rogue Baby #2: Officially in the Second Trimester - 12 weeks

Today I hit a milestone. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and the danger of miscarriage is now statistically so much lower. This pregnancy I have been so much more tired and nauseous that with my first. I have been running after my Little Cricket when I can but seriously I feel like I have mono or something. I am TIRED ALL THE TIME. I am sleeping 12-13 hours a day (going to bed early at night and also taking naps during the day with my son). It is completely ridiculous. Nothing is getting done.

Still I have to be happy and grateful that I have made it this far. Hopefully my little baby will continue to thrive and hopefully now that I am in the second trimester things will be start getting better.

I am also eagerly waiting for the results from the M21 test. I will get the news any day now.

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