Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pasadena Kidspace, Adventures with the Tiny Humans

I have been hearing from moms in various groups that I have to go visit Kidspace, a childrens museum. The fact that I haven’t gone to see it yet is because its far, in Pasadena, which means the other side of LALA land. Anyways when coming up with fun things to do with Mrs. Pool Shark I put this one on the list. The place was just magical. With a large indoor area with all types of rooms and toys and educational stuff, to a giant back yard space with a wade in pool, a river and lots of water toys we all had a blast. My Little Cricket even got to try out a tricycle for the first time and although ineffective he was super cute.







Afterwards we went right around the corner to a little place called La Grande Orange that got amazing reviews on yelp. Thank goodness for the internet, I use my phone all the time to find fun good yummy wonderful things to do in the area I am in. This place did not disappoint. My Little Cricket was so tired from all the running around that he passed out cold in the five minutes it took us to reach the restaurant from Kidspace. Thankfully he successfully transitioned to the stroller still sleeping, which almost never happens. Pool little buddy was just tuckered out. He slept until the food came and then we all sat down to chow down on some yumminess. I ordered a ridiculously awesome burger with a whole avocado sliced on top. My Little Cricket stole most of my fries, he really really really liked them, but then who doesn’t. DELICIOUS.






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