Monday, February 9, 2015

Lots of Guests at Casa Rogue

Ms. Pool Shark had planned to come out last year… except that trip had to be canceled last minute for some medical reasons. We kept trying to reschedule but it just wasn’t happening. Fast forward almost a year later and her credits were about to expire. So we got out the calendar, figured out my parents were already planning a visit so she booked her trip the last day the credits were good. Good news is that she is coming, and she is coming for almost three weeks. Bad news is that I only get three days of rest between almost a month of company. MEH who needs rest anyways we thought, besides my bestie was going to come out with her little girl and she was going to help me with my Little Cricket. Everything would be fine.

EXCEPT CHAOS HIT. As it so often does. She called yesterday. Seems like my girl went to a trampoline park, she was reenacting cheerleading tricks from high school leaping 5-6 feet in the air, and well… she landed on her ankle badly. A hospital visit later confirmed that she had a third degree sprain and wouldn’t be able to walk for a month. A FREAKING MONTH.

She called and pleaded with the airlines but they wouldn’t extend the credit, not even for a medical reason. So it was either flush $1200 dollars down the toilet and cancel her trip, or come and we would just somehow work it out.

We picked option B… because we are crazy awesome like that.

Since I only had three days, and since I knew I was going to be crazy busy taking care of two kids and a broke down Ms. Jules I opted to cut my to do list down to BARE NECESSITIES. Both my Little Cricket and I got a desperately needed haircut and the laundry all got done, the end.

I hope I make it through these next few weeks.

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